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Monday Music is a production and publishing music company from Barcelona

We manage a wide and experimented team of composers and writers, with whom we create and produce soundtracks for any audiovisual media: advertising campaigns, TV programmes or series, films, videos, virals, videogames.

We are diverse because our composers are too, and their experience gives us the scope and the ability that we need in order to create quality and efficient projects for our clients.

Monday Music offers a global service of music and audio, giving advice and managing synchs licenses (Publishing and Recording permissions) . We have library music, we do sound design and voiceover (talent casting, management, recording and mixing).

But it would be more accurate to say that our only limit is the music. Everything that fits in it, which is a lot, encourages us to take part in any related project, regardless of its nature.


Torrent d’en Vidalet 55, Local 4
08024 Barcelona — España
T — +34 932 683 757
(skype) mondaymusic

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